How to Do Opi Gel Polish at Home

Squeezing in time to get nails done at a salon can be impossible for busy women. That is why most women are into DIY when it comes to doing their nails because they can do it whenever and wherever they want. They can do that even while watching their favourite show and what’s best is that unlike normal nail polish there is no need to worry about being helpless because they can do it while the washing machine is doing the laundry.

opi gel polish

Gel polished nails done at home look just as good as the one’s done in the salon without the hefty price tag. They also last twice as long compared to normal polish that is why some salons are charging more for them. However, it can also be done at home even by beginners.

The good thing is, OPI gel nail polish is quite easy to apply. Many salons around the world are using it because of its quality and if done right at home, you can also achieve a salon-done looking nails. Here are the basic steps and supplies you will need:

  • OPI Gel Color base coat
  • OPI Gel Nail Polish
  • OPI Gel Color top coat
  • Curing light (such as the OPI LED light)
  • OPI bonding agent (optional)

Before applying, make sure that you have removed all previous nail polish, and clean your nails up with a buffing block, nail clippers and a file.


1.After you have removed all previous nail polish, make sure that you clean your hands thoroughly before applying anything on your nails.

2. If you want the gel to adhere more strongly, you can apply OPI bonding agent. You also should wipe down your nails with alcohol in order to dehydrate them.  This makes the polish last longer.

3. Apply OPI Gel color base coat to your nails.

4. Use the OPI LED light to cure the base coat for half a minute.

5. Next, apply the OPI Gel Nail Polish color of your choice.  Once that is complete, again cure your nails under the LED light for around 30 seconds.

6. Lastly, you apply the OPI Gel Color top coat to your nails.  Finish up by curing that for half a minute.

Now that we know how easy it is to apply OPI Gel Polish, it is no doubt that you can do it anytime you feel like changing your nail colour. But the question is, can one use gel nail polish without UV LED nail lamp light?

The answer to that is: OPI Gel Color requires a specific light to be used during drying in order to provide the long lasting effects you’re seeking. Using the OPI LED Light, the polish will cure in approximately four minutes per set. All regular gel polish requires a lamp, and the polishes that do not require UV/LED light are simply regular polish marketed as “gel-like” and may not produce the results you’re seeking.