How to Get Beautiful Nails with Kiara Sky Dip Powder

If you would really like to look beautiful, then you need to make sure that you take every detail — from head to toe — in consideration. A fresh and clean look should always include keeping your nails at their best as well. No one would ever want nails that look dry and brittle or those that are polished but have chips and have painted portions that have already lifted. A touch of some interesting shade that can last for some time without breaking or loosing its luster and color will make your nails a lot more appealing. You can do that with one of the shades that has been made available by Kiara Sky, a nail brand that has been heating up California’s central valley with its easy-to-use, quality nail products, including its Sky Dip Powder. But how do you get beautiful nails with Kiara Sky Dip Powder?

Kiara Sky Dip Powder

Nail fashion has become a thriving business over the last decade and the products made available every year becomes even more amazing. Every brand gives that impression that there will always be endless possibilities when it comes to making your nails speak how you feel about yourself at the moment. With the right brand and color, you can project a different you or complement your total look to be more confident and impressive throughout the day.

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a nail professional, there will always be the right combination of products that will help you create the nail design that you can keep for days without worrying that your nails may just chip sooner or later.

Kiara Sky Dip Powder

There is a host of nail polish products that you can choose from to create the right nail look that you want. But if you want one that won’t disappoint or a brand that will be easy on your nails and on your pocket, you may want to consider a dip powder instead of a regular nail polish.

How many times do you have to do your nails? If you prefer having a nail technician, do your nails, how many visits do you do to a local salon each month? What do you notice with the products that are commonly used on nails?

If you are a DIY fanatic, chances are you may have used or seen kiara sky dip powder in a salon or online (if you prefer buying nail products online). You might have noted that there are many users of this product who have had a better experience with a dipping powder than with a regular nail polish.

How does Kiara Dip Powder make the nails beautiful?

Kiara Sky offers premium nail products including dip powder and gel polish and accessories. The brand’s dip colors are available in 10 oz bottles or in a pack with all the nail products needed to do the nails with special DIP starter kits. With each application of this nail coating product, you will get stronger, lightweight and natural long-lasting nails.

Kiara Sky dip powder has been formulated to be without harsh chemicals. They are mixed with vitamins and calcium, nutrients that strengthen the natural nails, however. Dip powder by Kiara Sky assures of long-lasting wear and high-gloss finish that won’t fade or change for up to two weeks.

There are 215 dipping powder colors available from the brand and are any of these types: cream, glitter, matte glitter, neon, sheer, and shimmer. If you would like to see how these products look on the nails, you may want to check out their starter kits. With the starter kits, your options are these two: the DIP system color starter kit and the DIP system French starter kit. Either of these variations will make your nails look stunning.

How to use Kiara Sky DIP Color Powder

1. Prepare the nail surface. Make sure your client’s and your hands are totally sanitized and properly cleaned, cuticle pushed gently, and the shine removed with a file or a drill.

2. Apply bond to the natural nails.

3. Apply the base color on all the nails and dip into the natural powder. Repeat. Remove excess powder with the appropriate nail brush.

4. Apply the base coat into the entire nail then dip into the color of your choice. Repeat. Apply the base coat again on all nails.

5. Dip your nails into the clear dip powder nail.

6. Seal and protect the nails then wipe off excess powder with lint free cloth.

7. Apply a top coat on all nails, then allow the nails to air dry before applying a second coating of the top coat. Air dry for another 2 minutes.

8. Apply the nourishing oil to the cuticles and massage with an upward stroke.

That is how you make the nails beautiful with Kiara Sky Dip Powder.